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SBI PO Interview Tips

SBI-PO Interview Tips : Guidance At present in job market banking system plays a vital role. Based on speeding of the services and increasing of the necessities banks started recruiting some thousands of posts in different categories. If you shine out with good results in interview, better career belongs to you. In this situation here are some of the useful guide lines (tips) to shine out in the Interview…. Need to feel interview is the best stage to get the job. Then only you can participate in interview with full confident. Generally there will be four members in the board interview including psychologist. Psychologist always examines your movements. In the interview, give more important to your interest on banking system reasons to step into whether you can suit or not etc… At the same time they come to conclusion about your personality.

What type of Questions Interview time is about 15-20 minutes. In all the bank interviews observe and examine the emotional attitude of the interview. Interviewers ask the question on skills of the job, personal background, current affairs, and your comprehension over banking system and there will be some questions based on the resume. In this time speak about yourself, reasons to step into banking system personal and academic background, etc. And some more questions you have to face on banking operations language usage, weakness and strength, how you plan out you career forth coming 10 years, and on national and international events taken place recently etc.

With Examples In the interview, how many answers must interviewee present…? No board member expects that interviewee should know all the answers. Therefore, interviewee should present known things in an organized method. He should be balanced without touching criticism. If added one or two suitable examples to the answers, He is simple ahead in the competition. Sometimes interviewers internationally ask irritating questions to test the patience of the interviewee. So, when you come across like that questions don’t give up your patience, respond positively. Primarily, most of the competitors do mistake in current affairs. Therefore need to concentrate more on that part. At least must know some important information on the events taken place from past one year in the state, Country and the world. At the sometime, Interviewees should know something about their native places and the important events taken place recently. And must know about the language of banking system…. CRR,RRR, up and down of rupee, SLR, up and down of interest rates, accounts, banking operations etc. And know the profile of the bank go for interview. At the end…. The day of interview… no doubt there will be some questions on the news of the news papers, therefore spend something on that day’s news paper.

Importance to Skills Board members give more importance to test the interviewee’s skills, personality and attitude. And they examine vary keenly-on communication skills, dealing with others, response in hard situations, aptitude, zeal to know new things, reacting according to the situation, working with team, clarity in thinking, and talent to situation, working with team , clarity in thinking and talent to manage big posts. Your success is mostly based on above things. Hobbies too play a vital role. Based on this they come to conclusion about your personality. Therefore, act carefully on these things.

Physical Appearance Physical appearances too play a significant role in the interview. Competitors should always remember the following proverb “First impression is the best Impression”. Therefore, before present yourself, must take lot of care in many things from dress to sandal you wear. Wear simple and formal dress, don’t wear fashionable dressed. Boys should in- shirt and wear formal shoe. Girls have to wear sari or salwar kameez. If go for probation officer/specialist officer interviews tie is must.

Grammar is not Important Whole interview will be held In English language. While answering anything should not jump from English to any other known languages. In any interview, mainly test communication skills. And give more importance to how you present the answer with full confident, clarity and directly. Therefore without giving must importance to grammar mistakes, speak directly. Sometimes to test your talent over mother language me or two questions may appear. Speak in mother tongue only offer you receive board permission.

In the interview Room Before entering into interview room, first knock the door, and ask for premise to enter into, later step in. After stepping into the room Greer them all, first with smile face, wait still they ask to be seated, then sit in the allotted place. While silting feel-free, don’t be nervous. While presenting answer look at board members. Who-ever asks question, look at only that person. After compulsion of interview before come at once again convey gratitude’s to them, then step-out.

Don’ts · Looking at watch · Placing hands on the hand. · Wearing noisy show. · Placing hands on the table · Moving the body · Laughing loudly · Telling them about another job tries.

Does · Wishing with smile face looking at all the panel members. · Being peacefully · Keenly reading that day’s new paper.

Observe every Movement Interview time may be 15-20 minutes there will be four members in the interview panel. Ask the questions first based on resume. Everything will be held in English. Must be with full confident from the beginning to till the end. Board members observe each and every movement make at panel. Therefore act intelligently according to the situation. Members ask questions on the profile? Then reasons to choose? And try to know about previous job experience. And also place questions on current affairs. Most of the interviewees unable to answer successfully at this area. Therefore keep more concentration on this part. Surly there will be some questions on that day’s news papers. And also observe your comprehension over banking operations. Know more about banking rates, Repo rates, SLR and CRR. Without any hesitation answer clearly, directly. Dressing sense too more important. IF don’t know any one of the answers, simply don’t say I don’t know. Say like this “Sir, actually I have an idea about this topic but unfortunately unable to recollect at present”.

Fluently, Clearly, Directly. How will be the interview conducting for recruitment in banks? What type of questions they ask? all these questions parade in the minds of the interviewees. The main notable point here is, banking system is not different from any other systems. Bank interview pattern will be the same as in other systems. In clerical cadre posts, give more importance to the competitor who has strong zeal to learn things. But PO/Specialist officer posts, give more importance to managing power. There doesn’t be much importance to grammar in interviews. On the whole concentrate more on how you present the answer fluently, clearly and personal background, career planning, banking language, banking- operations, current affairs and general knowledge. Concentrate more on current affairs and General- Knowledge.

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